I am going to do my very best to post something on this blog every day for 2012. I am becoming increasingly concerned with my inability to remember my life, so hopefully this will help.

Today was Sunday. I worked from noon to 9. Nothing interesting happened. Apparently New Year’s (Years’? Years?) Day is a very slow day for Carrabba’s.

My favorite parts of today: 1. Flirting with my husband at work. 2. Coming home to see that Amanda had posted new pictures on Facebook from Thursday when she and Katie and I hung out at Katie’s drinking wine and dancing to 90s music. I thought I looked pretty in most of the pictures.

This year I plan to

blog/remember my life

get in shape/eat better (how original of me). Hopefully this will lead to me getting back  to my 120-125ish weight, but I’ll be happy a little heavier if I’m in better shape.

call my mom, dad, and Grandma more. Skype/email with Alex more.

get financially stable. Pay off debt and save money.